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Home office pendant lights are a nice way to add task and decorative accent lighting to your work space. Overhead lighting in the home office can create glare and hard shadows but the right pendant can create task illumination perfect for evening reading or computer work. Pendant lighting is a popular choice for many rooms in the home and office but in a home office they can add a special touch that dramatically centers your space or neatly illuminates a nook. 

In our large selection of home office pendant lights you will find a range of design styles and materials. From the traditional designs from Fine Art Lamps to modern inspired creations from Mitzi and Terzani, adding the perfect touch to your office space can be as simple as finding the right light.

For functional accent or task lighting downward illuminating pendant lights can be the perfect choice. Whether you are utilizing a shade or modern directional LED lighting, pendant lights that can illumination in a tight cone angle can be a great way to add pointed task lighting in your office space. With a small cone angle you can easily focus the light on a reading desk, computer keyboard or reading cove without disrupting the rest of the space.

Drum pendants are also a popular choice for home office lighting. Drum pendant lighting is typically a simple down rod with a circular shade. These ceiling lights are often used above home office desks and work spaces. They can provide a more diffuse illumination that reduces harsh shadows but provides ample working light.

LED and Smart pendant lighting allows you to control the look and feel of your lighting through an app or voice assistant. The iQ series is a great selection of smart lighting for the home office. Through the connected app you can control when the lights turn off/on as well as their color temperature and intensity allowing you to have the ultimate control over your home office lighting.

When you are looking to illuminate rectangular office desks and conference tables, you have your choice between multiple pendant lights and linear suspension chandeliers. While pendant lighting is often a more aesthetically flexible choice, along large surfaces it will create areas of shadows that may not be ideal for your work environment. On the other hand linear suspension chandeliers are rectangular fixtures often made with a row of LEDs to create a suspension of light that is uniform in intensity and color. These chandeliers make them ideal for medium sized surfaces such as tables and islands while for large rectangular surfaces multiple home office pendant lights are often more convenient and attractive.

Our selection of pendant lighting for the office is extensive but our family of experienced lighting professionals is here to help you find the right light for your home office. Call or chat with our associates today to let us narrow down the options for your next home office remodeling project.


Home office linear suspension lighting is ideal over medium sized tables and desks. These rectangular lighting fixtures offer consistent illumination over your work surface making them ideal for the home office. At Brand Lighting we have a large selection of home office lighting including modern led linear suspension lights. When selecting a linear suspension chandelier or pendant light for your home office balance your requirements for aesthetics and function with modern led lighting.

Our large selection of modern linear suspension lighting offers you many options when selecting the right light for your home office. Choose from organic or geometric shapes to complement your decor in a variety of materials and finishes including; brushed steel, die cast aluminium, natural wood, and stainless steel. Modern linear lighting is minimal and attracts little attention from the space. You will find simple designs that capture a unique balance minimalist functionality.

Many modern lighting fixtures utilize dimmable LED lighting modules along the length of the fixture which allows for consistent illumination and reduced glare. Dimmable LED lighting is ideal for long work days where light varying the light intensity can help maintain focus and mood. But dimmable LED lighting is just one option within our home office smart lighting selection. Other lighting fixtures incorporate Alexa voice assistants, remote web and app control and wall mounted control interfaces for the best control over your office lighting environment. 

Linear suspension office lighting is best used above meeting and conference tables. However the sleek minimal design and uniform illumination make them a suitable choice above sitting areas and in common or waiting rooms. If you have a large home office this may be a fixture category to consider in your space. 

When designing your home office, maintaining your budget is an essential part of a successful renovation. At Brand Lighting we bring you a curated selection of modern office lighting at a range of price points from affordable to exorbitant. Whether you are looking for off the shelf overhead office lighting or a completely custom lighting creation, our family of lighting professionals is here to help you find the right light for your office.Call or chat today for help with our designer office lighting selection


Home office table lights are a great way to add task and evening illumination to your work space. They can add a finishing touch to your decor and a focal point to your work area. There are many different types and styles of office table lamps to choose from depending on your daily work activities. From diffuse illumination to task lighting, we have a little of everything for your home office lighting needs at Brand Lighting.

When choosing a table or desk lamp for your office first consider the type of activity your want to light. For instance, if you spend a lot of time in front of a small laptop screen it is better to have a point of illumination on the keyboard and screen to focus attention. On the other hand if you work with art often you should consider more diffuse illumination to light a broader area without such harsh shadows.

Table and desk lamps are often used in the home office when other lighting sources are off allowing them to be a great source of early morning or late evening illumination for functional and decorative purposes. They make a great choice for reading nooks and sitting areas where you may start or end your day. 

Home office lighting needs to be functional as well as decorative and in our selection you will find different shapes and sizes of desk and table lamps to use in your space. Downward facing illumination is achieved by fixtures that utilize a solid shade while diffuse lighting options include fixtures with frosted glass and opaque shades.

At Brand Lighting we carry a wide selection of home office desk and table lamps. From modern to traditional, our carefully curated selection of office lighting represents some of the world’s most popular and desirable lighting fixtures. 

Many of our lamps can be additionally customized with standard and custom finishes as well as modifications to size, shape and decorative elements. If you are looking for something special for your home office, our experienced family of lighting professionals is here to help you create the right light. Ask us about custom design options through your Trade Partner account manager.

Shop 1000s of table lamps for your home office from brands including Hinkley, Fine Art Lamps, Mitzi, Quoizel, .Hudson Valley, Corbett, House of Troy, Maxim, Troy, and ET2 Lighting. We are constantly adding new vendors and products to our online catalog so be sure to stop back often for the latest lighting for your home office.


Floor lamps can add an accent to any home office. Although floor lamps are a popular reading task lighting within the home office, it is often we see floor lighting used as an accent or evening light. If you are looking for a home office floor lamp then consider our collection of designer fixtures for your home and office.

Our selection of home office floor lighting includes a range of modern and traditional designs as well as a suitable selection of finishes. From select vendors such as Fine Art Lamps and Corbett, you can customize your floor lighting to meet the exact needs of your space. Find the right light at Brand Lighting where our family of lighting professionals is here to help you find the right light. Call or chat today with our lighting associates for more information on home office lighting options.


Designer Home Office from Brand Lighting

Home office lighting balances form and function to deliver an enjoyable work space. Modern home office lighting utilizes cutting edge technology for unparalleled control of your lighting environment.  Achieving a balance between aesthetic and function can be done through careful selection of fixture design as well as lighting specifications including color temperature, luminosity and CRI. Working with a professional designer can help you explore all the options to consider but if you are looking to spruce up your space yourself there are several aspects to consider. 

Poor office lighting can have a dramatic effect on your productivity and mood. Finding the right lighting is critical to an efficient home office environment. Generally we look for a background of  diffuse ambient light in the home office to reduce the harsh shadows that overhead lighting can produce. By using floor and table lighting with opaque shades you can reduce harsh lighting and shadows as well as add reading and task illumination to your office.. 

Desk lamps are a common addition to the home office lighting plan since they allow for single task lighting on work areas while adding a finishing touch to your decor. Desk lamps vary greatly in shape and specifications. Finding the right light will require that you pay attention to how you will use the lighting in your day to day work space. For instance desk lamps make a great evening light for home office areas you like to keep dim during your night time work sessions. Incorporation of modern lighting technology means you will find some desk lamps with variable color temperature and intensity as well as wireless control. These are great lighting choices for those looking for smart lighting control to create a more controlled ambiance.

By keeping on task with office desk and computer lighting you can increase your daily productivity. These lights are great for areas with little or no natural light (or evenings!) However, leveraging your natural lighting source can be critical to creating the type of space you want. Natural light poses several challenges including how to reduce glare and unintended shadows. By using a combination of overhead and wall lighting you can balance natural light while reducing shadows and glare. 

Modern office chandeliers and pendant lights are available in thousands of designs and specifications. Finding the best office chandeliers will require you take into account all the lighting sources and balance them with a combination of hanging and flush mount office lighting.

The lighting professionals at Brand Lighting have been helping designs and architects create amazing home office spaces for over 35 years. Let our family of experienced lighting professionals help you find the right light for your next office or home office! Shop our large selection of home office chandeliers, pendants, wall lights, desk lamps, floor lamps and flush mounts online or call to speak with our team today!