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Home office lighting balances form and function to deliver an enjoyable work space. Modern home office lighting utilizes cutting edge technology for unparalleled control of your lighting environment.  Achieving a balance between aesthetic and function can be done through careful selection of fixture design as well as lighting specifications including color temperature, luminosity and CRI. Working with a professional designer can help you explore all the options to consider but if you are looking to spruce up your space yourself there are several aspects to consider. 

Poor office lighting can have a dramatic effect on your productivity and mood. Finding the right lighting is critical to an efficient home office environment. Generally we look for a background of  diffuse ambient light in the home office to reduce the harsh shadows that overhead lighting can produce. By using floor and table lighting with opaque shades you can reduce harsh lighting and shadows as well as add reading and task illumination to your office.. 

Desk lamps are a common addition to the home office lighting plan since they allow for single task lighting on work areas while adding a finishing touch to your decor. Desk lamps vary greatly in shape and specifications. Finding the right light will require that you pay attention to how you will use the lighting in your day to day work space. For instance desk lamps make a great evening light for home office areas you like to keep dim during your night time work sessions. Incorporation of modern lighting technology means you will find some desk lamps with variable color temperature and intensity as well as wireless control. These are great lighting choices for those looking for smart lighting control to create a more controlled ambiance.

By keeping on task with office desk and computer lighting you can increase your daily productivity. These lights are great for areas with little or no natural light (or evenings!) However, leveraging your natural lighting source can be critical to creating the type of space you want. Natural light poses several challenges including how to reduce glare and unintended shadows. By using a combination of overhead and wall lighting you can balance natural light while reducing shadows and glare. 

Modern office chandeliers and pendant lights are available in thousands of designs and specifications. Finding the best office chandeliers will require you take into account all the lighting sources and balance them with a combination of hanging and flush mount office lighting.

The lighting professionals at Brand Lighting have been helping designs and architects create amazing home office spaces for over 35 years. Let our family of experienced lighting professionals help you find the right light for your next office or home office! Shop our large selection of home office chandeliers, pendants, wall lights, desk lamps, floor lamps and flush mounts online or call to speak with our team today!