Reading and Swing Arm lighting fixtures combine the beauty of an elegant light fixture with the functionality of concentrated task lighting.

Beam Swing Arm Light - BL-20922|81
Modern Forms

Beam Swing Arm Light - BL-20922|81


Beam 22" LED Swing Arm Light 3000K in Black. Minimalist design and cutting-edge LED technology combine with easy-to-adjust components in this update to the traditional task light. Adjustable features let you extend or collapse the light as needed, while...

$299.00 - $329.00
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Designer Reading & Swing from Brand Lighting

Modern reading lamps and swing arm fixtures are available in styles ranging from minimalist to ultramodern and these lights look great in most interior spaces. Whether you are looking for a bedside task lamp or important office illumination, reading and swing arm lighting can provide the necessary illumination for your dark corner.