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The Tech Lighting Kable Lite series includes a selection of the most popular Tech Lighting pendant and head designs as well as the popular micro spot which offers clean functional illumination in home, office and retail applications. In the pendant selection you will find color artisan glass shades and contemporary metal designs that will accent modern decor nicely. 

Kable Lite cable heads and pendants are specially designed to work with the kable lite system. While the pendants provide you a beautiful way to offer functional task lighting, on the other head the K-Pivot and K-Jane heads are sleek modern fixtures that can be rotated and pivoted to provide directional illumination for areas such as work spaces, art work and living areas.


Find everything you need to set up and install your Tech Lighting Kable Lite system. In order to specify the system it is recommended you start with determining the length and shape of your installation. From standoffs to cable wire, you will need an assortment of additional hardware to create the proper power supply, and maintain the proper spacing requirements. 

Kable lite hardware includes; standoffs, cable wire, power connectors, conductive connectors, end anchors, hardwire feeds, turnbuckles, wall brackets and turns as well as power feeds and wall anchors. Selecting the right components can be tricky and is best done with the help of a professional. Our family of lighting experts is standing by to help you find the right light for your cable lighting project.


Single-feed surface transformers convert standard 120 line-voltage to 12 volts to provide the necessary voltage for powering a Kable Lite low-voltage lighting system. Wattage is available from 75W to 300W can power lamps totaling up to wattage of the unit. The transformer is concealed inside a decorative housing with a fast acting secondary circuit breaker that will safely turn the system off should a short occur. Once the short has been removed the unit can be reset by simply flipping the wall switch off and back on. Additionally you will need a power feed to connect the transformer to the Kable Lite System (sold separately).


Designer Tech Lighting Kable Lite System from Brand Lighting

  • Cable Lighting
  • Choose from designer pendants and heads
  • Functional and stylish overhead illumination
  • Energy efficient LED technology or halogen lamping
  • Affordable modern lighting solution

Tech Lighting has become well-known for producing superior cable lighting systems that work well in many residential and commercial applications. The Kable Lite (cable lighting) systems are designed to complement the Tech Lighting fixtures including Element and Entra recessed lighting, decorative led ceiling lights, chandeliers, wall lighting, and semi-flush mounts.

The Tech Kable Lite cable lighting collection is made specifically for today’s modern interiors. Featuring an impressive selection of fixtures ranging from halogen and LED pendant lights to small, medium or large adjustable track heads that pivot, Tech Lighting cable-compatible options are available to complement your space. For added versatility, Kable Lite Heads come in 5-inch, 12-inch, and 24-inch sizes, ensuring they work well in spaces of any square footage.

The cable system has compatible pendant lights that can add a sophisticated modern look to your decor. The cuttable suspension cable allows for additional customization above your space. When selecting a cable system you first will want to choose the right fixtures and accessories but first we suggest selecting the correct the cable type. For the heavier Kable Lite Pendants and track heads, Kable Lite insulated cable is suggested. The tin-plated/copper cable is with a Kevlar core and is suitable for use in spaces with an increased risk of exposure to corrosive airborne particles. If you need help specifying the best cable, our family of lighting pros is here to help!

Additional Kable Lite hardware options include turnbuckles in chrome or satin nickel finishes, which are used to secure cables and provide adequate tension for a flawless installation, FreeJack connectors used to adapt FreeJack systems to Kable Lite systems, as well as single-feed power feeds designed to be used at any point along the installation run to power to your selected components..

Available in halogen or LED, the Kable Lite pendant lights are ETL listed and suitable for a variety of track lighting installations in residential, retail and office locations.