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Outdoor LED ceiling fans add illumination to your outdoor living space. A great way to spruce up your patio or pool area, outdoor LED fans are often the go to choice for designers. Outdoor ceiling fans are rated as either Damp Location or Wet Location. Damp location fans are for covered outdoor areas such as a porch or patio where the design will be protected from direct contact with rain. Wet-rated designs are ideal for an open gazebo, cabana pool area, or wherever the fan might be in direct contact with the elements.

Outdoor ceiling fans with lights can add a source of illumination in addition to cooling comfort. These stylish outdoor ceiling fans are often used on patio and pool areas that require additional light. With plenty of styles and colors available, outdoor ceiling fans can be the perfect solution for your outdoor living space. Looking for the right light? Ask the experts at Brand Lighting!

Tropical ceiling fans lend a warm, exotic touch to any residence whether it is located in a tropical area or not. Overhead palm leaf fans offer many of the same features as traditional fixtures that include light and remote control options, with bamboo styling. There are many modern design options for fan blades available for any location around your house. Overhead palm leaf fans will bring the natural beach and bamboo scene you love into your home. Other specialty fan designs can complement even the most unique outdoor living space designs.

Wet-rated designs are ideal for an open gazebo, cabana pool area, or wherever the fan might be in direct contact with the elements. We also recommend that you use a Wet Location fan for waterfront or dock areas, for areas exposed to salt air and water, for high humidity areas, for areas with extreme hot or cold temperatures, and for locations with constant sun and UV exposure.

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Outdoor ceiling fans, often referred to as overhead patio fans, are made with motor houses and blades that withstand humidity and moisture. A Wet listing by UL means the product has been designed with moisture-resistant bodies and all-weather blades that stand up to exterior conditions like rain, snow, ocean spray, and water. These outdoor ceiling fans are sealed and rigorously tested to protect key motor and electrical components and rated by the Underwriter Laboratories (UL), an independent, non-profit organization that conducts product safety testing, and are designated for damp or wet environments. A Damp listing by UL means the design allows for some moisture to be present but the motor is not waterproof. These indoor/outdoor fans can used in areas that are not exposed to direct moisture, such as garages, sunrooms, and screened-in porches.