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Lotus lighting offers an 8" large diameter commercial led light for indoor commercial and retail applications. Commercial led recessed lighting provides overhead flood lighting for warehouses, retail locations and any large format space. Lotus lights commercial led lighting is also a great choice for home garages and large work areas. The extended lifetime and ease of installation of Lotus commercial led recessed lighting makes them a favorite among our top builders and contractors. Lotus commercial recessed lighting is covered by their industry leading 5 year residential warranty and 10 year commercial warranty. View the options for 8" recessed downlighting from Lotus Lights online or in our south Florida showrooms. Call the LED lighting experts at Brand Lighting or chat with us online! 

The largest diameter commercial led lighting available within the line is the 10" commercial LED downlight. This extra large diameter LED overhead flood light is great for commercial and retail spaces. All Lotus commercial led lighting is covered by their 5 year warranty. Ask the commercial LED lighting experts at Brand Lighting about all the 10" commercial led recessed lighting options available from Lotus and other great vendors. Our large catalog of commercial led lighting can be a challenge to navigate. Allow the pros who know to help you find the right light!  Their commercial recessed lighting is a top choice of builders around the world for their high quality commercial recessed lighting at an affordable price. Call or visit Brand Lighting online to view more commercial recessed lighting options.

A top choice for our commercial and residential builders and contractors. Lotus's top quality builder grade led recessed lighting offers contractors an affordable and effective led lighting solution backed with their industry leading warranty. The builder grade recessed lights do not sacrifice on quality but offer builders a cost effective solution for large commercial or residential projects. The builder grade recessed lights are available in 4", 6" and 8" diameters with square and round trims. If you need to reduce glare in your installation, they offers budget friendly builder grade regressed lighting. At Brand Lighting we have been helping contractors, builders and architects find downlighting solutions that meet their budget and exceed their expectations. Let the recessed lighting pros help you find the right light for your large construction project. Ask us how you can save with our industry leading Cost+ pricing and dedicate project support. 

Designer Lotus Lights Recessed Lighting from Brand Lighting

Lotus recessed lighting is available for residential and commercial applications. You can find energy efficient LED recessed lighting for a wide range of applications. The 4" and 6" super thin recessed led lights are popular among our residential interior designers and architects. Their super thin recessed lights offer numerous advantages over their non-LED counterparts. They are undeniably one of the thinnest units on the market (patent pending) allowing contractors to place these recessed lights in areas with limited ceiling or wall space. The air-tight, wet and IC rated LED thin recessed lighting options are among the most popular products for the home, office and commercial locations.
Lotus Lighting offers several builder and contractor grade fixtures specifically made for larger retail areas and for commercial installations that need balance affordability with durability. Commercial led recessed lights are available as 8" and 10" round. They feature a low profile for easy installation and industry leading warranty.
Additionally they offer a selection including gimbal and regressed trims. Gimbal lighting features a pivoting head that allows you to control the direction of the lighting. Gimbal lighting is perfect for accenting artwork and interesting architectural elements. The regressed rims offer builders the option of an inset led light source. The depth of the regressed light determines the cone angle while the finish can drastically alter the light output. Combined together these elements make regressed lighting a great choice for wall and window accent lighting as well as highlighting architectural elements.