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Tech Lighting has become well-known for producing superior cable lighting systems that work well in many residential and commercial applications. The Kable Lite (cable lighting) systems are designed to complement the Tech Lighting fixtures including Element and Entra recessed lighting, decorative led ceiling lights, chandeliers, wall lighting, and semi-flush mounts.

The Tech Kable Lite cable lighting collection is made specifically for today’s modern interiors. Featuring an impressive selection of fixtures ranging from halogen and LED pendant lights to small, medium or large adjustable track heads that pivot, Tech Lighting cable-compatible options are available to complement your space. For added versatility, Kable Lite Heads come in 5-inch, 12-inch, and 24-inch sizes, ensuring they work well in spaces of any square footage.

The cable system has compatible pendant lights that can add a sophisticated modern look to your decor. The cuttable suspension cable allows for additional customization above your space. When selecting a cable system you first will want to choose the right fixtures and accessories but first we suggest selecting the correct the cable type. For the heavier Kable Lite Pendants and track heads, Kable Lite insulated cable is suggested. The tin-plated/copper cable is with a Kevlar core and is suitable for use in spaces with an increased risk of exposure to corrosive airborne particles. If you need help specifying the best cable, our family of lighting pros is here to help!

Additional Kable Lite hardware options include turnbuckles in chrome or satin nickel finishes, which are used to secure cables and provide adequate tension for a flawless installation, FreeJack connectors used to adapt FreeJack systems to Kable Lite systems, as well as single-feed power feeds designed to be used at any point along the installation run to power to your selected components..

Available in halogen or LED, the Kable Lite pendant lights are ETL listed and suitable for a variety of track lighting installations in residential, retail and office locations.

Modern architectural track lighting is for the discerning lighting designer. Designed to be a practical solution for high end retail, upscale hospitality and refined residential, the architectural track lighting collection features high performance LED track heads and detailed architectural track that can be adapted to illuminate your space. Inside the collection you will find a carefully manufactured series of LED track heads in both spot and wall wash options. The pivoting head and wide range of options, make architectural track lighting a favorite among our top retail and commercial designers. The systems by WAC and Tech Lighting provide reliable, consistent and efficient illumination for a wide range of decors and layouts. 

The refined design and illumination that architectural lighting offers make it ideal for high end residential and retail applications. By utilizing a combination of beam spreads you can create focused illumination of key areas to highlight artwork, retail displays or work areas. While with wall wash heads you can illuminate areas with diffuse light ideal for wall displays and interior architectural elements. Many of the architectural track heads feature removable diffusers that can be used to create a highly customized lighting plan for your space. Combine your architectural track lighting with pendant and recessed lighting to complete your lighting plan.

If you need help finding the best architectural track lighting for your residential or commercial project, our professional lighting designers are here to help! Our commercial lighting design associates work with some of the world’s most iconic locations to provide comprehensive lighting advice and solutions. With over 40 years of retail and residential lighting design, we can help you find the right light no matter the size or complexity of your project. Call, chat or email us today to learn more about how the team at Brand Lighting can help you find the best architectural track lighting for your project.

Rail lighting kits allow you to quickly and easily install flexible overhead illumination . The rail kits typically consist of a flexible rail, standoffs, lights, and a power supply. The kits include everything you need to install a rail lighting system in your home. The included lighting heads can be moved or removed to position illumination right where you want it.  Many of the rail lighting kits available are shown in sweeping curves and may be bendable per the vendor's description. If you are looking for an attractive and utilitarian overhead lighting solution, rail lighting kits may be a great solution. Rail lighting kits offer an affordable and flexible lighting solution for kitchens, dens, living rooms, office, game rooms, art displays, and any other area where flexible overhead lighting is required. If you need help finding the best rail lighting kit for your home or office simply contact our family of lighting professionals, we are here to help!

 At Brand Lighting we carry thousands of monorail and rail lighting options. Our selection of rail lighting kits is a small collection of our most popular items. We have access to many more rail lighting options from dozens of vendors,so  if you don’t see what you are looking for just let us know by chat, email, phone or in person! Inside our online collection of rail lighting kits you will see some popular brand name lighting such as Quoizel, Tech Lighting, Wac Lighting and Kichler. 

Quoizel Lighting offers a great selection of traditional and modern style rail lighting kits. They have everything you need to seamlessly match your decor on an affordable budget. The pivoting heads of many of the lighting fixtures allows you to direct the illumination while the beautifully crafted shades accent your overhead decor. Browse our selection of Quoizel rail lighting kits online.

Track lighting systems are versatile lighting solutions that can be used to power spotlights, floodlights, pendant lights or other fixtures. Enjoy the freedom of changing the positioning of your furniture and accessories when choosing the modern track lighting for your space as it offers much more flexibility to adjust your lighting. With the evolving world of modern lighting, Brand Lighting offers select LED track, rail, and cable lighting options that are energy-efficient and environmentally conscious. From contemporary cable lights illuminating the kitchen to sleek rail lights providing cozy ambiance in the living room to modern track lights brightening up a hallway, lighting has never been easier while looking so sophisticated.