Brox Linear Light Bar System - 700BRX
Brox Linear Light Bar System - 700BRX
Brox Linear Light Bar System - 700BRX
Brox Linear Light Bar System - 700BRX
Brox Linear Light Bar System - 700BRX
Brox Linear Light Bar System - 700BRX
Brox Linear Light Bar System - 700BRX
Brox Linear Light Bar System - 700BRX
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Express yourself with light. The Brox System frees your creativity with modular light bars, blanks and connectors that can be snapped together to design personalized sculptural motifs or to enhance the architecture of your space with distinctive, contemporary linear accent lighting.  Light bars can be mounted vertically or horizontally and rotate 360 degrees to aim light in your preferred direction. Use connectors to link multiple Light Bars for your desired design aesthetic.

Brox can be designed as a decorative modern chandelier or as an architectural accent. The Brox system allows multi-dimensionality for suspending unique geometric shapes, linear lighting, task lighting, or distinctive light sculpture — a system with endless possibilities. 

  • Available in Nightshade Black Finish
  • 100 lumens per foot
  • Connect Light Bars together with Brox Connectors
  • Light Bars rotate 360 degrees to aim light in your preferred direction
  • Finish each run with an End Cap
  • Remote and Surface Mount Transformer for 120v-277v



Brox Bars are available in multiple lengths and rotate 360° to provide flexibility in design and accommodate direct or indirect lighting. Blank Bars allow the option to design without light, and a multitude of connectors are offered to build your design in three dimensions. 

  • Wall Brackets
  • Blank Bars
  • Light Bars
  • 3-Way Connectors
  • Aircraft Cable Connector
  • Aircraft Cable Support
  • I Connectors
  • Remote and Surface Power Sources


Brox is an easy-to-install system with components that snap together and lock into place with simple Allen screws. 


  • Continuous runs over 45 feet require an additional driver and isolated connector.
  • Configurations between 1-8 feet require a minimum of two suspension points. Larger systems require additional suspension support every eight feet.
  • Support at each top-plane, rail-to-rail connection point
  • Support for every 8 foot horizontal run (top-plan)
  • Support at the top-most rail every 16’ of vertical run
  • Brox connectors allow you to design your system with multiple dimensions at any 90˚ angle.
  • Low-voltage power flows from one Brox component to the next. For larger installations requiring multiple power feeds, the Brand Lighting team can help with layouts and create shop drawings
  • Choose between two options to supply power to your Brox system - a minimal ceiling approach with the remote driver option or if access above your ceiling is limited the surface canopy option
  • Use connectors to drop power to your system or link long runs together.
  • Supports at each corner maintain a secure and level system. If placed directly on the Light Bar, rotation is limited to every 90˚. Support can be mounted on the connector to allow for 360° rotation
  • Light Bars rotate 360˚ to aim light in your preferred direction.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Light Bars also available as Blank Bars.
  • Finish each run with an end cap.
  • Wall Connector provides design flexibility to mount light bars on wall or ceiling.
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