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Mitzi Lighting is an eclectic modern brand with a vivid, youthful spirit that ideally combines traditional elements with futuristic design, inspired by the founder of Hudson Valley Lighting's grandmother (a painter and master antique-finder). Mitzi designs plain, timeless fixtures with a distinct sense of personality using a diverse palette of materials such as marble, concrete, and wire. Brand Lighting has a wide selection of Mitzi lighting, including chandeliers, pendants, floor lamps, table lamps, and more.

Mitzi Lighting creates exclusive light fixtures for your home or office by combining traditional features with modern designs. Mitzi by Hudson Valley is named after the creator of Hudson Valley Lighting, David Littman's grandmother, and embodies form and function in complete harmony. Mitzi honors her traditional and modern style through an artful and attainable collection of table lamps, sconces, flush mounts, ceiling fixtures, bath bars, pendants, chandeliers, and more.

Mitzi Lighting company refuses to compromise on consistency while also being able to provide your home with incredibly creative and thoughtful designs. Mitzi’s fixtures are the epitome of form and function coming together in complete harmony. Thanks to Mitzi's affordable high design lighting, you'll have less clutter and a lot more imagination to use in your space. Mitzi Lighting is an excellent option if you're looking for high-quality contemporary light fixtures.

Mitzi lighting is a shoo-in for virtually every room in your house, thanks to its smooth, clean lines and shapes. Large transparent glass globes are attached to metal caps and raised with a flash of a bright gold metallic finish. While hot, old bronze and classic polished nickel infuse any room with tried-and-true style that blends seamlessly with your existing furnishings and décor.

A beautiful light from Mitzi with bright accents and metal details will add a splash of color to a hallway or bathroom, or go for something more traditional with a subtle, understated motif. Mitzi Lighting offers a wide range of lighting fixtures with stunning mid-century modern designs. Look for chandeliers that transport you to another era while adding a few modern features for superior protection and craftsmanship.

Mitzi Designer Details

Mitzi is distinguished by its use of one-of-a-kind details. This lighting is intended to add understated elegance to any space while still including a bold element of sleek, trendy style. Mitzi designers are masters at designing ultra-modern pieces that bring visual appeal and warmth to a space without being overpowering. You'll admire the brand's meticulous attention to detail while remaining true to its mission: to provide you with practical and affordable lighting.

Mitzi Lighting provides a wide range of indoor illumination options. We have a large range of awesome fixtures from this trusted brand, ranging from a stunning table lamp with an oddly formed base to a stylish mid-century modern sconce. Enhance your home with Mitzi fixtures that will give it a sleek, revamped look while still remaining sophisticated and elegant. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a number of designer finishes. When you shop the Mitzi range, you'll find everything from chic metallic shades to matte tones. 

Mitzi styles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with silhouettes varying from streamlined and sinuous to angular and elegant. Pagoda pendants, sconces with empire shades, and cantilever table lamps are examples of designs that work well in more conventional environments. Other types are more contemporary, with exposed globe glass bulbs, Sputnik-style stems, and chic and clear lines that give a slight nod to the midcentury. There are also dimensional and geometric fixtures that act as both a light source and a work of art. Their intricate cagework, textural bodies, and unusual angles can leave an indelible mark.

Designer's Choose Mitzi Lighting

Each piece is painstakingly made from the highest quality materials. Shades are made of organic and synthetic materials, or crystal and glass that can be styled. Bodies and frames are made of elegant and durable metal and glazed ceramic, while shades are made of organic and synthetic materials, or crystal and glass that can be frosted, etched, bubbled, or completely clear.

Mitzi's coveted look is further enhanced by thoughtful flourishes. Their pieces have a personalized finish that can be customized to the look of your current decor in addition to being offset by shades and glass bulbs. Polished nickel, silver, chrome, and gold leaf ensure a time-honored and tasteful aesthetic, while old bronze and aged brass invoke a touch of retro flare. Mint greens, pastel pinks, navy blues, sage, and plum are used as pops of color for a more modern look.

Mitzi is a fresh new contemporary brand from Hudson Valley Lighting, launched in 2017 in honor of CEO David Littman's grandmother, a painter and expert antique hunter. It's also rapidly become an artistic forum for Hudson Valley's young design team, enabling them to play with form and function in ways that complement their parent company's well-known classic aesthetic.

Why Do We Like Mitzi Lighting So Much?

Founder David Littman used to go on "treasure hunts" with his mother in search of exquisite and amazingly rare antiques. He gained an appreciation for the beauty of nature as a result of this family practice, a beauty that goes beyond the aesthetic and actually enhances a person's daily life.

Mitzi Lighting creates one-of-a-kind contemporary designs by drawing on its classic roots. They use a variety of materials, including concrete, marble, and wire, to create parts that balance form and function in a clear, approachable way. As a result, their range is extremely versatile, with high-quality fixtures that can be used in a variety of environments, including large and small spaces, temporary and permanent living conditions, and a variety of stylized settings.

Why Do Professionals Choose Mitzi at Brand Lighting?z

You can purchase Mitzi Lighting from many authorized retailers but at brand Lighting our family is the difference. Whether you are a seasoned design professional looking to illuminate a large commercial property or looking just to remodel your powder room, our family of lighting experts have been helping pros find the right light for over 40 years. 

When you need stellar service, expert knowledge and tenacious follow up, our family of lighting experts is here to help. Find Mitzi Lighting online or in our South Florida Showrooms.