Outdoor coastal chandeliers and pendant lights are great for entrance ways and outdoor living areas. Our curated selection of beach and nautical themed exterior chandeliers has a range of styles including traditional plantation and mixed modern industrial.

Entry pendant lighting is a popular way to illuminate your home's entrances. Coastal entry lighting typically features a short suspension chain, weather resistant finishes, and 1-2 lamps. While the larger outdoor chandeliers feature multiple lamps and a size suitable for enclosed porches and living areas. Determining the lighting requirement and the size of your coastal inspired chandelier is a critical part of finding the right light! Find a fixture that balances your aesthetic with functional illumination to increase security as well as appearance.

Coastal style chandeliers and entry lights are available in all weather and corrosion resistant finishes. Different vendor have varying levels of weather protection so identifying your harshest weather conditions is an important part of the selection process. If you are located beach side, you may require corrosion resistant finishes. Many manufacturers offer all weather finishes suitable for most weather conditions. If you are unsure as to the protection your fixtures will need, contact our lighting experts for professional assistance with your lighting selection.

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