Schonbek Lighting

Light breathes life into a space, and Schonbek Lighting is all about living. When families assemble for holidays, new friendships are formed, lovers are introduced, and memories are forged; Schonbek is present in every moment that enriches life. Schonbek designs have provoked debate and brought people together for over a century and continue to set the standard for exquisite designer crystal chandeliers, pendants and sconces.

For over a 150 years Schobek has been designing exquisite lighting fixtures that stand the test of time.

Who is Schonbek Lighting?

The Schonbek Lighting designs are heavily influenced by America's vibrant visual legacy. The fixtures, which range from classically exquisite to contemporary cool, are distinguished by their warm and inviting shapes and meticulous attention to detail.

Schonbek designers are motivated by a desire to create illumination that brings rooms to life, as well as perfectly balanced pieces of beauty and utility. Schonbek Lighting creates styles to talk about, with details to remember; icons to treasure, keep with you throughout your life, and pass down to the next generation. In today’s disposable culture, Schonbek Lighting is one of the few still built to last a lifetime and beyond.

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Exquisite handmade crystal chandeliers for home and high end hospitality. Schonbek chandeliers.

Balance form and function with handmade designer crystal flush mount lighting. Schonbek flush mount lights.

Crystal Pendants

Add a sparkle to your space with small, medium and large crystal pendant lights. Schonbek pendant lights.

Beautiful crystal accent and wall lighting for bathrooms, hallways and more. Schonbek sconces.

Schonbek Chandeliers are decadence defined. Their selection of fine crystal chandeliers range in size and style providing you with plenty of crystal chandelier options for your home, restaurant, hotel or other special space.

Their striking traditional chandelier designs are complemented by a forward thinking selection of understated contemporary chandeliers allowing you to find the right style for your space. Whether you are working on a large project or small, a Schonbek chandelier can define your space for years to come.

Schonbek crystal pendant lights can make an ordinary space into something special. The sophisticated refraction of light off the crystal can add an extra special touch to your space. From small and simple to large and sophisticated, Schonbek pendant lights are a great choice for a wide variety of room scales. Decked out in beautiful crystal that let the light dance around the room, Schonbek pendant lights are a great way to add an accent or statement piece to almost any space.

Need it bigger? Or maybe smaller? How about a different finish? No problem, at Brand Lighting our Schonbek specialists can work with you to create the perfect light for your space!

Schonbek flush mount lighting is a great ceiling accent for hallways, closets, bathroom, powder rooms and any space that can benefit from a beautiful crystal accent luminaire. Crystal flush mount lighting comes in a variety of sizes and styles from Schonbek. From traditional fixtures with arms to sleek modern geometric designs, we can help you with the fine details to complete your design.

No matter what shape or style you need, Schonbek flush mount lighting can be further customized to meet your requirements. We can help you alter shape, size and finishes to create the perfect flush mount crystal light. No matter the size of your project we can make sure we get you the best flush mounts!

Custom Design

For over 150 years Schonbek has been designing incredible crystal lighting for the finest interiors around the globe. From humble origins to worldwide recognition, Schonbek is adored by professional designers in nearly every country. Known for their exquisite crystal and striking yet conservative designs, Schonbek can help bring life to your next design project.

Schonbek in-house team of designers, engineers, and project managers like taking on custom projects in addition to designing four core "ready-to-wear" lighting collections. Each engagement, whether supporting industry professionals with huge commercial projects or assisting a homeowner with their personal dwelling, is a collaborative effort.

Custom Lighting

Anything is possible with Schonbek's three degrees of bespoke capabilities: Personalized, Tailored, and Customized. We are able to develop lighting that satisfies demanding customers and contributes to the construction of distinctively attractive spaces, whether it's making subtle changes to a major collection fixture or building one-of-a-kind fixtures at all scales. Schonbek and Brand Lighting are able to provide flawlessly organized comprehensive services, including design, engineering, project management, production, installation, and certification. Custom crystal chandeliers, pendants and sconces.

"We make lighting that lasts forever"


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At Brand Lighting we work closely with our design partners to help you find the right light for your space. If we can’t find what you are looking for we can make it! When looking for the perfect crystal lighting for your project, Schonbek offers a cut above the rest and with extensive custom design capacity, they are the premier choice for the best firms around the world. Call, chat or email with our Schonbek Lighting specialists today for the best price and advice on your interior design project.

Call or chat with our family of Schonbek Lighting experts today. Wether you are a seasoned design professional or a Schonbek admirer, our family of lighting professionals can help you find the right light for your project today!