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Founded in 1919, Seagull Lighting has become an American standard for stylish energy efficient indoor and outdoor lighting. A large selection of over 3000 lighting fixtures has been prominently recognized and awarded for their production of cutting-edge, energy-efficient fixtures across categories such as flush mount lighting, chandelier and pendant lighting and outdoor post lighting to name just a few. Seagull has an affordable selection of lighting solutions for nearly every room of your home making them a go to brand for busy interior designers and design professionals.

A favorite among prominent builders and contractors, Seagull Lighting combines cutting edge energy efficiency with stylish modern and traditional designs for a selection of lighting that balances performance with aesthetic. Since 2005, Seagull has been a recognized leader in energy efficient lighting design and has been awarded numerous industry acknowledgements such as the EPA Energy Star partner of the Year and the Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award.

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Seagull offers an extensive selection of indoor and outdoor lighting. Whether you are designing a condominium complex or remodeling your powder room, Seagull has lighting solutions that can seamlessly fit into your decor. 

For indoors, you will find a selection of transitional and traditional inspired designs for the wall and ceiling available in designer finishes such as Blacksmith and Brushed Oil. A comprehensive collection of small and large chandeliers provides you options in creating statement lighting as well as accent lighting throughout your home. 

When you walk outside you can continue your decor seamlessly by selecting Seagull outdoor lighting fixtures. Whether you need path lighting or entrance lighting, Seagull has you covered with an attractive selection of all weather outdoor lighting. Seagull LED step lights and brick lights are a popular choice for illuminating outdoor walkways for residential and commercial properties. While their pier, post and step lights are excellent for functional safety illumination.

For the kitchen, you have a curated selection of linear suspension and flush mount lighting perfect for adding functional task lighting to your kitchen work space. While for the bath and powder rooms, you have a large selection of bath lighting that complements their popular collection of wall lighting.

Why Do Builders Love Seagull Lighting?

Seagull Lighting is designed for performance. With a huge selection of commercial Energy Star rated fixtures, Seagull Lighting is a popular choice for balancing form and function in commercial and residential design projects. Whether you are a large home builder or a boutique interior design firm, our experts can help you find the right Seagull light for your project. 

Seagull has been providing affordable high-quality and energy-efficient lighting fixtures for decades, and that’s what the company intends to keep doing. Now and in the future, Seagull will be the go-to source for homeowners and living space designers to find the lighting fixtures you need at a price that fits your budget.

What is Energy Star Rated Lighting?

Getting an ENERGY STAR rating — which not every appliance has — means that a product meets certain federally mandated guidelines regarding energy efficiency. The guidelines vary depending on the product. The water requirements for a dishwasher to get an ENERGY STAR rating are different than for a washing machine.

The EPA establishes its product specifications based on certain guiding principles:

  1. Product categories must contribute significant energy savings nationwide.
  2. Certified products must deliver the features and performance demanded by consumers, in addition to increased energy efficiency.
  3. If the certified product costs more than a conventional, less-efficient counterpart, purchasers will recover their investment in increased energy efficiency through utility bill savings, within a reasonable period of time.
  4. Energy efficiency can be achieved through broadly available, non-proprietary technologies offered by more than one manufacturer.
  5. Product energy consumption and performance can be measured and verified with testing.
  6. Labeling would effectively differentiate products and be visible for purchasers.

Today, appliances and products in nearly every category are available with ENERGY STAR ratings. The potential financial (and energy) upside of purchasing an appliance with an ENERGY STAR rating is clear when comparing against their traditional equivalents.

How does Seagull Lighting protect the environment?

Seagull Lighting uses cutting edge technology and continuously improves their production practices to minimize the environmental impact of production while striving to meet rigorous EPA  Energy Star requirements. Since 2005 Seagull lighting has received 6 EPA Energy Star Partner of the Year Awards as well as numerous industry accolades for the production of energy efficient, affordable and durable lighting fixtures. 

Can Seagull be Used in Commercial Design Projects?

Seagull is a very popular choice among commercial design and construction firms for their affordable price point, in stock availability and energy efficient technology. Commercial design products can benefit from generations of experience at Seagull Lighting and their parent company, Generation Brands. With staff and support materials to specify the right light for your commercial lighting project, Seagull can boost your clients satisfaction while reducing budget requirements. 

What Kind of Outdoor Lighting Does Seagull Produce?

With Seagull Lighting you can continue the ambiance of your decor seamlessly to your outdoor living area with a selection of outdoor entry lights, outdoor post lights, outdoor pier lights, outdoor wall lights, recessed brick lights and landscape step lights.

Seagull Lighting Indoor Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a popular choice for the kitchen and work areas as well as accent lighting throughout your space. At Seagull, they produce a large selection of transitional and modern style pendant lights in a suitable selection of finishes and materials for many projects. Seagull pendant lights utilize glass and metal for a subtle but stylish accent to your space while the price point makes them affordable for projects of any size.

Seagull Lighting Outdoor Wall Lighting

Outdoor wall lights can help add safety and security to your home or office. At Seagull Lighting they produce an extensive selection of traditional and transitional outdoor wall lights. Seagull produces several different types of outdoor wall lights for you to consider. For safety illumination at bulkheads or docks, the Bayside series is coastal inspired wall light that is built for the demanding forces of nature and man. Nautical wall lighting can add a significant amount of light to dangerous areas of your landscape as well as act as a coordinating accessory to pull together your coastal style landscape design. 

Seagull Outdoor Pier and Post Lighting

When looking for outdoor lighting you have many different types of fixtures to choose from. Pier and Post lights are a popular choice for along walkways, next to entrances or along the perimeter of your property. Pier and Post lights are especially popular among our residential designers as they offer a well balanced combination of durability and aesthetic. 

Seagull Outdoor Entry Lights

Welcome your guests with outdoor entry lights from Seagull. Seagull offers a curated selection of traditional and transitional outdoor hanging lights that are perfect for entrances and exits. All weather finishes make them ideal for covered entrances. Be sure to check with us regarding wet location requirements for your space if you are unsure.

At Brand Lighting we have been helping design professionals find the right light for over 40 years. Our seasoned team of lighting professionals is here to help you from specification to installation. Let our family of Seagull Lighting experts help you to find the perfect balance between form and function today!