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Italian Designer Lighting

Zafferano Lighting is an Italian lighting company that specializes in custom decorative lighting with an emphasis on innovative features and attention to detail. Zafferano products are functional, decorative and especially fun. Each light fixture is individually handcrafted utilizing advanced artisanal techniques to create bright statement pieces and delicate accents for nearly any design aesthetic. Zafferano also offers a playful line of complimentary glassware and tableware that are great for staging properties or adding an accent to your restaurant or home.

Zafferano Lighting designs modern lighting that works for residential or commercial applications. A rigorous design process and a detailed attention to manufacturing mean that your Zafferano lighting will work when you need it while maintaining your space’s unique ambiance. Why settle for bland commercial lighting when you can create unique lighting elements that are tailored to your design. Ask our family of Zafferano Lighting experts how we can help you find the right light for your next residential or commercial lighting project.

Zafferano Lighting offers a curated selection of carefully designed home and commercial lighting with a complete line of tableware accents. Whether you are illuminating your garden dining area or your powder room, Zafferano’s modern lighting designs are a great choice for practical illumination and ambiance. The streamlined designs are coupled with modern LED technology allowing for features such as wireless charging and dimmable LEDs. Zafferano’s Poldina fixtures have been the recipient of numerous design awards. Be sure to consider the Poldina Pro and Pina Pro table lamps for your restaurant or patio!

Zafferano Poldina Pro Lamps

The Poldina Pro lamps are available as table, floor and mini fixtures making them a great choice for restaurants, gardens, or home accents. The Poldina Pro table lamp is a favorite among commercial designers for its simple aesthetic and functional design. The table lamp version is wireless allowing you to say goodbye to cables for a clean and inviting ambiance in your dining or seating area. The rechargeable lamp will run for 9+ on a single charge, making it a great choice for illuminating dining and accent areas around your space. The powder coated finishes are IP54 rated for outdoor use outputting 188 lumens, 3000K LED, CRI > 80, 120 volt and 2.2 watts. Also available in metal leaf finishes suitable for indoor use only. The solid die cast aluminium frame weighs just 3lbs allowing them to be moved easily without worrying about them blowing away! The series is covered by a 2 year warranty. The series also has adjustable height floor lamps and a mini accent lamp to complement your space.

Zafferano Poldina USB Collection

The Zafferano Poldina Collection has a few unique wireless USB lighting options. The wall, suspension and peg lamps compliant the pro table lamps to round out your lighting options with the Poldina design aesthetic. All the Poldina USB lights include a USB charging cable and are suitable for outdoor use and include touch dimming for easy selection.

Zafferano Pina Pro Table Lamp

The Pina Pro table lamp is a simply beautiful accent light designed for commercial performance. The rechargeable battery powers the LED lamp for 13+ hours allowing you to set it and forget it! The dimmable LED is diffused through polycarbonate for a subtle designer glow. The contact charging base includes a USB cable for easy connection and is covered by a 2 year warranty. You can use the Pina Pro as an accent lamp in your garden sitting area or in your commercial outdoor dining area. Ask our lighting experts for the best options for your space from Zafferano!

Zafferano Dama Table Lamp

The Dama Table Lamp is a notable departure from the thin curves of the Poldina and Pina Pro lines. The Dama table lamp is rechargeable and with 15+ hours of illumination it features the longest life of any of the Zafferano lighting options. In addition to the ability to charge the lamp by USB cable, the Dama also includes a USB port for charging mobile devices. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use the Dama table lamps are a great addition to your indoor or outdoor seating areas. Use the wireless Dama light as an accent light and easily move it between locations without the hassle of cables! This 5” diameter light features illumination of 166-178 lumens at 2700-3000Kand a CRI > 80 (120 volt/2.2w).

Zafferano Homeware

From Zafferano and countless years of Murano craftsmanship — comes an array of beautiful glassware suited to almost any style of entertaining. The line includes the simple and elegant lines of Intrecci, suited for beverage service or statement serving bowls and tableware, all the way to cocktail service elevated by so many flavors of whimsy — striped glassware, such as the supremely elegant Perle, colored glassware such as the Bei, to the surreal textured glass of the Losanghe or Barocco.

The collections include water glasses, tumblers, and personalized glasses, along with coordinated accessories like carafes, pitchers, bowls, and trays. This rich array of products simultaneously throws back to historic craftsmanship yet transports your dinner party to a new and unique place and time.