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The monorail track is the low-voltage conductor of two individual conductive metal pieces fused together by a plastic separator. Each track is hand-bendable, field-cuttable MonoRail and is rated for 300 watts at 12 volts or 600 watts at 24 volts. Each piece of rail is shipped with conductive connectors to join rail pieces end to end. Order additional connectors if cutting and rejoining rails.

Rigid and flexible monorail standoffs help you secure your rail system to the ceiling. They are available as  field-cuttable rigid standoffs which are recommended for curvy runs or runs with heavier Heads, Pendants or Functional art, such as glass pendants. And adjustable standoffs where the cable virtually disappears for a clean and elegant look. It is best used on fairly straight runs with a drop greater than 6". A wire grip allows you to easily shorten or lengthen the cable to size it for use. Use standoff supports every three feet of MonoRail run and at corners. Standoffs can be positioned to cover points where rails are joined. Rigid standoffs are compatible with various power feed options. Contact us for more information on using standoffs on your monorail lighting plan.

Tech Lighting monorail transformers are surface transformers that convert your standard 120 line-voltage to 12 volts in order to provide the necessary voltage for powering a MonoRail low-voltage lighting system. The step down transformers are available in 75W to 700W to power your selected combination of monorail heads and pendants. When selecting a power transformer you will need to confirm your line in voltage, and required power of your selected lighting heads and pendants. If you need help finding these specifications our family of lighting experts are here to help.

Monorail power feeds bring power directly above a MonoRail run from a remote transformer (sold separately). The low-voltage leads from the remote transformer are then connected to the canopy leads inside the junction box to complete the track’s power supply. The power feeds offer compatibility with different standoffs, extenders and adapters so choose your power feed carefully. The power feeds are available in close to ceiling, direct end, and wall mount versions for flexibility in connecting your power source and additional mounting options.

The power extenders for the Tech Monorail lighting system allow you to add a power feed canopy or surface transformer from the ceiling. Available in antique bronze and satin nickel you can use the power extenders on sections of track that require additional length to reach the power canopy.

Monorail connectors help you create the shape of rail you desire. By combining end connectors along with flexible and vertical and horizontal connectors you can achieve an enormous amount of shapes and configurations. Choosing monorail connectors will largely depend on the shape of the rail you are trying to achieve. We recommend sketching out your lighting plan with dimensions in order to determine the type and quantity of connectors to purchase. If you need help, we are only a chat or call away!

The monorail rigger adapters allow you to extend support for the monorail system from the wall. A recommendation of support every 3 feet may mean utilizing a combination of standoffs and vault adapters depending on your application. The riggers are available in satin nickel as well as antique bronze and come in powered versions that can supply power to the rail system from a remote transformer (sold separately)

In order to install a Tech Lighting MonoRail system on a vaulted ceiling, you will need to add a standoff vault adapter to each standoff. The standoff vault adapter installs between the rigid or adjustable standoff (sold separately) and the ceiling to position rail parallel to the floor and includes several rod lengths to achieve the proper pitch when used with a surface transformer. When choosing the quantity of stand offs and vault adapters be sure to stay within the recommended weight and power load for your selected heads and pendants.

Designer Monorail Hardware from Brand Lighting

Create a monorail lighting system that is uniquely yours with Tech Lighting’s monorail lighting hardware. Here you will find everything you need to create the rails section of your monorail track system. Specifying your monorail lighting will require selecting some mandatory components such as: (1) Power Transformer (2) Track (3) Standoffs & Supports (4) Connectors. Additionally you may want to add ceiling vault adapters for large and sloped ceilings, power extenders for long runs, and/or riggers to secure your rail via modern cable wires. The Monorail hardware is broken down into the main categories so that you can easily find your preferred components. 

When deciding on components you will need to consider the required load of your selected heads or pendants, as well as the length that the system will span in order to calculate the power supply required. Power extenders and additional supplies may be required depending on your configuration. If you need help specifying a monorail hardware for your space, our Tech Lighting experts are here to help. Whether you are lighting a small or large space, a residential or commercial interior, our family of professionals can help select the best options for you. Contact us today for assistance in locating the right light for your monorail lighting application.