Bollard lights are a form of path lighting typically used for walkway lighting, sidewalk lighting, parking lots, and boardwalks around locations such as residences, universities, medical campuses, communities, and other places where path lighting needs to be attractive, durable and consistent. Bollards are a great way for homeowners to add clear property markers along driveways and guest areas. In commercial applications, you can use commercial grade bollard lights from Bega Lighting, Tech Lighting, Wac Lighting, Philips Hadco, and Access that are designed to handle the weather the additional requirements. For decades the experts at Brand Lighting have been helping clients find the right bollard path lighting for their projects. Call or chat to learn more about how we can help you find the best bollard lights.


Scoop LED 277V Bollard - 6613-30BZ

Scoop LED 277V Bollard - 6613-30BZ

6613-30BZ | Bronze on Aluminum

"A sleek linear bollard design that blends seamlessly into pathways and perimeters while providing soft even illumination. Wash away outdoor darkness with this featured cylindrical light column to maximize nighttime visibility and safety."

MSRP: $860.85 $515.95
Archetype LED 277V Bollard - 6643-30BZ

Archetype LED 277V Bollard - 6643-30BZ

6643-30BZ | Bronze on Aluminum

"The Archetype LED Bollard Landscape Light offers illumination to cast out darkness and create a safer landscape space. Made from die-cast aluminum for lasting durability, the Archetype LED Bollard features a sleek build with long rectangular openings. A...

MSRP: $577.50 $345.95
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Designer Bollard Lights from Brand Lighting

Bollards come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your installation location. Finding the right combination of size, shape, and specifications is critical to achieving your desired lighting effect. Bollards are available in modern and traditional styles as well as in a limited selection of outdoor all weather finishes and materials.

Line vs Low Voltage Bollard Lights

When selecting bollard lights you will find line voltage bollard lights as well as modern low voltage bollards available. For new bollard lighting installations we strongly recommend selecting a fixture that uses integrated LED technology which reduces energy consumption as well as provides more precise color and a much longer lifetime. Many LED bollard lights are rated to 70% intensity after 50,000+ hours making them ideal for commercial as well as residential applications.

Line voltage systems, which can be installed directly to a 120VAC line, are typically found for halogen and incandescent bollard lights. Line voltage bollard light fixtures must have a ballast or driver that works with the line voltage at the point of installation. If you require assistance locating lamps or parts for low voltage systems be sure to ask us by chat or phone, we can help you find many bollard path lighting parts and accessories.

Selecting Color Temperature for Bollards

The color of light that the bollard outputs falls within a range of approximately 2500K (warm color) to 4500K (Cool blue color) where K is Kelvin and is a measurement of the warmth of a light source. Lower color temperatures (lower Kelvins) create a warm, comfortable atmosphere, while higher color temperatures (higher Kelvins) are traditionally associated with corporate and industrial settings.

Depending on your application you may need to consult your local code for guidance on color, brightness and spacing for bollard lights. The aesthetic and certainly the curb appeal of your lighting will greatly depend on your selection of color temperature. Find a color temperature that will complement your landscape while providing sufficient illumination to safely navigate your pathways. The most popular color temperatures include 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K. If you need help finding the right specifications for your project simply call or chat with our bollard experts.

Selecting Finish & Material for Bollard Lights

Bollards come in materials and finishes strong enough to endure consistent exposure to the weather. Within our bollard lighting selection you will find marine grade materials including stainless, composite, concrete, and aluminium. If you are lighting pathways for a commercial property refer to your city ordinance for compliance requirements. If you are choosing bollard lights for your home, first determine the type of weather conditions your property is exposed to. If you are located by the sea you should consider marine grade rated bollards. If you are along a city path, you can choose from a larger range of materials and aesthetics such as aluminium and concrete. The selection of standard colors and finishes can be customized by many manufacturers upon request. If you are looking for a colored bollard light or colored finish ask our showroom representatives about color and finish options.

Selecting Light Output and CRI for Bollard Lights

Another important specification to consider for your path lighting is the luminosity (the light output) and the CRI (color refractive index). The luminosity of your lighting will be described in lumens with the higher the rating the greater the light output. Delivered lumens and measured lumens may differ so be sure to pay attention to the correct specification.

The CRI or color refractive index is essentially a measure of color reproducibility versus that of natural sunlight. The higher the CRI the more accurate colors in that light will be represented to the human eye. Bollards will typically have an 85 or greater CRI rating which can affect the look and feel of your property. For a more natural color in your landscape lighting a higher CRI is recommended.

Bega Bollards

Bega bollards represent the top tier in commercial bollard lights. The extensive line of configurable bollards is installed in well known public locations around the globe. Simple modern designs are complemented by cutting edge technology to create one of the industry’s most respected outdoor bollard lighting fixtures.

Bega bollards collection includes pathway lighting for commercial and high end residential landscapes. With products such as the System bollard tube, you can install stylish drive through protection while providing path illumination in your restaurant, hotel, or condominium.

All BEGA standard finishes are matte, textured powder coat with minimum 3 mil thickness. BEGA Unidure® finish, a fluoropolymer technology, provides superior fade protection in Black, Bronze, and Silver. BEGA standard White, as well as optionally available RAL and custom colors, are a polyester powder. Complement your outdoor decor with custom finishes, ask our lighting experts about the options available for your selection.

LED Bollard Lights

Modern LED bollard lights are energy efficient and significantly reduce the lifetime operating costs of your path lighting system compared to conventional halogen or incandescent lighting. The advantages of led bollard lights include reduced cost of operation, more consistent color and brightness output and less required maintenance. When selecting a new bollard lighting system we highly recommended you consider low voltage led bollard lights. Most major brands have replaced many of their traditional lamps with LED and you should too!

Commercial Lighting Bollards

The most common application of bollard lights is along pathways and entrances to commercial properties. Bollards are used extensively along walkways in commercial properties such as schools and universities, medical campuses, retail stores, banks, hotels, restaurants, bars, and shopping plazas. At Brand Lighting we have been working with industry professionals to find the right commercial bollard lighting for over 40 years. Whether you are just beginning your search or looking for product options to meet your specifications, our team of lighting professionals is here to help you from specification to delivery. Call, chat or email us today.