Multiply your sense of modern style and lighting with a multi-light pendant. As a more recently conceived type of ceiling light fixture, multi-light pendants are inherently modern. And if there's one thing we love in decorative pendant lighting, it's modernity. We also love convenience, which these multi-light pendants provide by incorporating multiple light sources into one. Multi-light ceiling pendants are usually characterized by having two or more mini pendants attached to a single canopy or frame, either in a linear row or cluster form.

Flux  Multi Light Pendants White - MP46608-GWH

Flux Multi Light Pendants White - MP46608-GWH

MP46608-GWH | White

"Combining a truncated spherical aesthetic with modern adjustability features the Flux collection is ideal for the sophisticated interior setting A flat recessed glass diffuser partially frosted in its center is showcased within the precise cast aluminum...

MSRP: $852.00 $596.40
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