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In the Tech Lighting monopoint pendant lights collection you will find a large selection of finishes and materials that bring to life the shapes that define today’s Tech Lighting modern decor. By incorporating the latest in energy efficient LED technology, you can adapt not only the latest in contemporary decor but in modern functionality as well. Monopoint pendants make great accents and task lights above kitchen islands, dining areas, work spaces, reading areas and any other space where directed illumination needs to be coupled with a defining aesthetic. 

Tech Lighting continues to create timeless contemporary designs that will resonate with your visitors for years to come through a combination of modern materials including artisan glass, stainless steel, chrome, brass, wood, and acrylic along with a carefully designed selection of custom created finishes. The sleek contemporary form factors are highlighted by the unique use of finishes and materials throughout the Tech Lighting family of products. Find out more about Tech Lighting Here.


Tech Lighting Freejack pendants can use a single (also known as a monopoint fixture) or multi port canopy to suspend the a large selection of modern pendant lamps from Tech Lighting. The Freejack pendant lights are an easy to install, flexible lighting solutions for residential, retail, hospitality and commercial applications. Additionally, Tech Lighting freejack pendant lights can be mounted on the Tech lighting’s monorail system for an extensive amount of overhead lighting configurations.

To get started with Freejack pendants you simply need to select your pendant and your canopy. Most canopies include an integrated transformer allowing you to conveniently power the monopoint light from a standard 4” ceiling receptacle. The canopy can be wired to your existing power supply and the freejack pendant attaches easily via the included connector. For multi port canopies you may consider a remote transformer which can be mounted off to the side of the canopy for configurations requiring additional power.

Tech Lighting’s Freejack pendant lights are a favorite among retail and residential designers for their flexibility and ease of upgrading. To upgrade your lighting simply switching out the pendant light and you can dramatically change the ambiance or utility of your space. Maintenance is just as easy. Monopoint and monorail Freejack pendant lights offer the maximum in design flexibility while being functionally and aesthetically modern. If you need help finding the best configuration of freejack lighting ask our family of experts, we are here to help you!

Monopoint and multiport Freejack canopies power your selection of Freejack pendants or heads. Tech Lighting offers many options for integrated and remote power transformers. In addition to the popular monopoint canopies, we offer multi port canopies for combinations of multiple pendant lights or heads. AVailable in several finishes, the ceiling canopies will seamlessly blend into your ceiling so your guests can focus on the artfully crafted lighting. Transformer canopies are available for low voltage and line voltage, please consult the specification sheet under downloads for canopy specifications and requirements. Remote transformers are sold separately.

Designer Mini-Pendants from Brand Lighting

Mini pendant lights open your thinking to a whole new world of interior lighting design options. A single mini pendant can create ambient light in an area or provides task lighting in a key location such as the kitchen or office. Using multiple mini pendant lights, either hung at the same height or staggered, creates a stunning lighting arrangement, especially when placed above a kitchen island, in the dining room, or above the counter / bar area. Mini pendant lights are designed with contemporary touches and clean lines that are transitional and versatile and bring enough height and dimension for every room in the home.