Many homes come with boring or truly unattractive flush mount lights and changing them out can do so much to improve the style in your room and show your own unique personality. From lanterns that snug up close to the ceiling to mini chandeliers that can be used flush to the ceiling, from layers of crystals in modern and traditional styles to whimsical themes (starfish, birds, stars, crowns, flowers, driftwood, butterflies, industrial gears, basketball net, globes, and more), our unique, eclectic, and colorful ceiling lights give you fresh choices to light your room! 

Monopoint 007 Monopoint - ME-007-BK

Monopoint 007 Monopoint - ME-007-BK

ME-007-BK | Black

"Single Spot Light with Electronic Transformer. Engineered with an integral transformer and designed for mounting to walls or ceilings, low and line voltage Display Spot Lights deploy optimal accent lighting from surface mounted canopies that can be...

MSRP: $130.50 $64.95
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